Arizona High School Hockey Teams

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Arizona High School Hockey Association

Arizona High School Hockey Association (AHSHA) provides high school students the opportunity to participate in a high quality and competitive youth sports program that promotes life skills inherent to participating in the sport of amateur ice hockey.  Ice hockey is not a sanctioned high school sport under the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA). Due to this reason the AHSHA is an independent league that does not operate under the cognizance of the AIA. Many high schools within the AHSHA have set up ice hockey as a club sport. Due to the fact that ice hockey is not a sanctioned AIA high school sport, many schools vary on having ice hockey as a club sport.

Students currently full-time enrolled in grades 9 through 12 who attend an Arizona high school, middle school, junior high, charter school, home school or online school are eligible to play provided that they meet the USA Hockey’s  current minimum specified age for the first year Bantams and do not exceed more than one year over the specified age for Midgets. The school, which enrolls the student, assumes all responsibility to verifying the student’s compliance with all of the eligibility requirements. If a player graduates from high school during the fall season, they are no longer a full-time student and therefore are no longer eligible to play High School hockey, effective on their last day of attending classes full-time.

All players must be registered with USA Hockey and AHSHA prior to taking the ice in any scheduled practice, game or event. Players will be required to pay USA Hockey and AHSHA registration fees.  Players must be rostered on a team by the AHSHA in order to practice or play for that team. No player may register or participate on more than one AHSHA sanctioned team without the approval of Hockey Operations. Players may participate in other USA Hockey affiliated leagues including any travel programs.

Teams must have a minimum of fifteen players including goaltenders per team and a maximum of eighteen skaters and two goaltenders. Players who attend a high school that has a pure high school team will automatically be assigned to their high school team. Players who attend a high school that does not have a pure high school team will be assigned to a combined high school varsity or junior varsity (JV) team based on their skill level or geographic requirements. AHSHA will assign players who attend an alternative school, charter school, home school, or online school who live in a public school’s boundaries/district to the AHSHA public school that allows the students from these schools to play on other AIA sanctioned sports teams at that high school. AHSHA does not have Try-Outs. Coaches will do player evaluations prior to the seeding tournament and assign players based on their skill level to one of the high school’s divisional team(s).  If the high school has no other team, that player may be placed on a combined high school varsity or junior varsity team based on their skill level and geographical area. Players who are placed onto a Combined School Team may not be placed onto the same team they were assigned to in the previous season.


For further information please see the AHSHA Policies and Procedures Guide

Arizona High School Hockey Teams


Pinnacle Pioneers


Hamilton Huskies


Chaparral Firebirds

Horizon Huskies

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Notre Dame Prep Saints


O'Connor Eagles


Desert Vista Thunder


Basha Perry Bears


Brophy Broncos


Campo Verde Coyotes

Mesquite Hockey.png

Mesquite Wildcats


Corona Del Sol Aztecs

Mountain Ridge Hockey.png

Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions

Flagstaff Avalanche.png

Flagstaff Avalanche


Cactus Shadow Falcons


Centennial Coyotes


Desert Mountain Wolves

Tucson Roadrunners


Shadow Ridge Stallions